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The monster is coming. How good that we are in our home, Mari-Mari. How good that we are safe, watching dark blue clouds just from the distance. Just few days ago we were in...

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Evening is comming, but is so calm and so warm. We are going to take last swim and later shower under cold water, squeaking like a crazy. And later, after a dinner I will...

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Quiet dawn. Its hard to believe that yesterday there was such a storm. First beams of sun, first water- taxists carrying tourist to Perhentian paradise.. Good morning!..  

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We went snorkling and we got cought in a pretty heavy storm. It hit us suddenly. There was no other option than to go forward. Waves were too big to do anything else. It...

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Monsoons inhale

This morning was very quiet. Sunlight was foggy, sky milky and sea kind of grey. On the beach was a lot of leaves with goldish reddish colours. I was cleaning it, feeling pretty blue,...